Yoko Ono and the Rza

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The opening is her piece, “Play it by Trust” (which you can read about here: http://camstl.org/exhibitions/front-room/yoko-ono-play-it-by-trust/)

Yoko Ono turns 82 this February. This was recorded in 2010 when she was 77 years old.

By all rights, Ono’s book of instruction poems, “Grapefruit,” should be a part of this class. Although we did not read Deleuze and Guattari on the concept of the “order-word,” we did read Jonathan Crary writing about it. A few years ago, when I was first thinking about creating this class, it occurred to me that Ono’s instruction poems playfully deal with what D&G called “order-words,” especially in their non-limitative form: what they call “passwords.” These instruction pieces are also very much about the relation between imagination and the real. Or, in other words, the political.

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