Totality for Kids

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“Totality for Kids” by Mckenzie Wark and Erik Loyer

From Steve Anderson’s introduction to the project:

Editor’s Introduction

Legends have their uses, as distillations of the wisdom of events, as ways of passing on a knowledge of situations. History as a discipline dissolves the event back into the archive, turning history (event) into history (text), consigning it to the past. The legend is a way of making the summation of past events present to future ones.

This quotation from one of the comic book annotations in McKenzie Wark’s Totality for Kids sums up the grand aspirations of the project, to make the ideas behind the Situationist International not only legible, but meaningful in a culture poised for submersion in the cynicism of neoliberal corporatism. Created in collaboration with designer Erik Loyer and comic artist Kevin C. Pyle, Totality for Kids forays into the pre-history of the SI, beginning in post-war Paris with the group’s predecessor the Lettrist International, and continuing through the apotheosis of political radicalism marked by the general strike of May ’68.

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